Thursday 21 Feb 2019
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Certifying Organization

ILTP received the President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) for its commitment to serving society, as well as the status of Certifying Organization that can award individuals, families, or groups for qualifying volunteer hours earned over a 12-month period or over the course of a lifetime at home or abroad.

We are pleased to certify volunteers, not only ILTP participants volunteering with us, but also non-members volunteering with their local organizations (we won't be able to certify non-members from April 2018), in a same manner as long as they;
  1. Register their account on PVSA website and record volunteer activities,
  2. Qualify for the Award Criteria and meet the # of volunteer hours,
  3. Link their PVSA account with our Record of Service Key VDB-36976,
  4. Send confirmation letter(s) for us to verify their volunteer hours, and
  5. Consent if their volunteer work fits with our Vision, "One Family under God beyond race and religion."

If you are interested, please visit PVSA website for more information or contact us for details. Win your personalized PVSA Award, not only volunteer experiences!

Please note that PVSA has delayed processing of award orders as of February 2018 due to the shortage of Bronze, Silver and Gold Medallions. If you ordered or are planning to order a Complete Package with Medallion, please expect 1-2 month delay. You can check Inventory Availability.


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